What is a Vintarinian? Part I

What is a Vintarinian? The question of what it means to be a Vintarinian never crossed his mind in his whole life. He never thought when leaving Vintar, his home, his place of birth that this question would become preeminent in his mind during his attendance at the 2017 Vintarinian International Reunion in Honolulu. What brought this up was a question his son asked him when he was about to board his plane for the trip. “Dad, what is a Vintarinian? Why is it Vintarinian and not Vintareño, like they say Laoageño or Bacarreño?” It made him paused a bit, Read More

What is a Vintarinian? Part II

BUS TOUR. The next day was a bus tour around the island of Oahu. Two buses, ala Maria de Leon, stop by the hotel, to pick up the guests. Quickly, the first bus filled up as they rushed to get in. Luckily, he was able to snatch a seat on the second bus, courtesy of his boyhood friend, Buddy. He thinks Buddy embodies of what is a Vintarinian. He was educated and finished school in the Philippines, then moved his family to Hawaii. For many years he labored in Hawaii and made a name for himself as a successful building Read More

What is a Vintarinian? Part III

A STROLL IN TOWN He recalls a few years back when his nephews and nieces eight of them all, four boys and four girls, aged seven to fourteen, came up to him one day and announced they’d like to visit Vintar. All of them were born and grew up in the States. They have traveled and visited major cities in North America, Canada, Australia and Europe but never in the Philippines. He had so much feeling of trepidation and apprehension about the trip. He remembers telling them that parents do not send their children to Vintar because they claim, there Read More

What is a Vintarinian? Part IV

PICNIC The following day was a picnic at the Blaisdell Park. It is on the leeward side of Oahu, a shoreline park overlooking Pearl Harbor in Pearl City. Lots of open green areas and large trees and parking spaces. You can kick a soccer ball around here with your friends. There are park benches and tree covered areas where you can grill. It also has a restroom available, and a bike path along the shore. But, the tremendous outpouring of guests was a shocker to him. He estimated over a hundred souls came for a memorable get together under the Read More

What is a Vintarinian? Part V

VINTAR DAM “We went to the Vintar Dam, Tito. We went up to the guest house on top of the hill. We stood on the veranda and saw a panoramic view of a beautiful landscape of the crystal clear blue river and the background of rugged mountains.” “It was a spectacular sight.” Alfredo, a seven-year-old, is the youngest of the boys. Clutching his older brother’s leg, he sheepishly whispered, but loud enough for him to hear, “There’s no Dam.” And in unison, they exclaimed, “There’s no dam at the Vintar Dam!” “Tito, we did not see any dam.” “Of course, Read More

What is a Vintarinian? Part VI

SUNSET – PARADISE COVE The island bus tour ended at the Paradise Cove, an oceanfront resort park on the leeward coast of Oahu. It celebrates the unique culture of the Polynesian with luau shows, serving a buffet of Hawaiian dishes and local favorite cuisines. They were entertained during dinner with an interactive hula show with guest participating on stage showing their talents as they were taught the different styles of dance from the traditional to the modern Polynesian hula. What caught his eyes, however, was a spectacular Hawaiian sunset as a backdrop of a play that narrates the Polynesian history Read More

What is a Vintarinian? Part VII

SEASIDE LUNCH The bus tour stopped by Kualoa Regional Park for lunch. Each one was served a bento box lunch that consisted of white rice and bites size sushi of salmon, shrimp, and sardine, including a dessert of sliced mangoes and pineapples. The saltiness of the sushi together with the sweet fruits made him craved for more. But he soon forgot about it. He was distracted by the amazing view of the mountains looming above them, although there was a gorgeous view of the ocean accentuated by Chinaman’s Hat in the distance. The rugged mountain fronted by a large grassy Read More

What is a Vintarinian? Part VIII

DINNER DANCE The dinner dance party was a magnificent affair. From the word Mahalo, to “Agbiag ti Vintar”, it was evident that it was a night to remember as they all converged at the Ala Moana hotel for the last event of the affair. He brought with him two camisa de chino; a short sleeve and a long sleeve, both white cotton and have three buttons down the chest. The last time he wore a barong was to attend a wedding ceremony and he wore the short sleeve. It was too tight and it made him sweat a bit. This Read More

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